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Invesco Global Factor Investing Study 2018

Our third global factor investing study draws on views and opinions from 300 interviews with institutional and wholesale factor investors to provide insights on a wide range of themes including factor adoption and allocations, perceived barriers and future intentions.

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Smart cities: the shape of things to come

Digital technology makes it feasible to monitor and connect everything from buildings to street lights to self-driving cars, and potentially allow governments to provide city services more efficiently. However, cities need private investment to realise their smart city goals.

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Industrial revolution 4.0: Ghosts of disruption past, present and future

The fourth industrial revolution has the potential to transform economic and financial activity at global, national, firm and household levels. We discuss some of the key transitional challenges that are unfolding via digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence.

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What does a trade war mean for US macro fundamentals?

In recent weeks, the prospect of a global trade war has emerged more clearly and presents major consequences for global markets. While the implications are difficult to assess, a tightening of financial conditions could be strong enough to significantly curtail US growth.

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A Map for the Future of the Euro: Navigating political conflicts

In our first ‘Future of Europe’ white paper, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jacek Rostowski and Invesco Global Market Strategist Arnab Das analyse the tensions reshaping Europe in the era of Brexit, Trump and Putin.

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Is it time to worry about a liquidity crisis?

Large-scale asset purchases by major central banks has added to the abundance of liquidity in markets, however the tide is now turning in the opposite direction. As balance sheet normalization accelerates, it seems likely that liquidity issues could accelerate too.

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Factor investing: the third pillar of investing

In the latest edition of Risk & Reward we compare factor investing to traditional active and passive approaches and look to clarify where and how factor investing fits into the investment landscape.

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Trade wars: A worldwide web of worry

In the event that the Trump administration moves forward with tariffs on imported automobiles, retaliatory tariffs might mean the US may end up being the bigger loser in a trade war over the longer term.

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Protectionism rears its ugly head again

With the US applying aluminum and steel tariffs to Canada, Mexico and the European Union, and exploring tariffs of up to 25% on imported cars, free trade is being threatened.

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Our focus on delivering for our clients in a changing industry

In two short videos, Andrew Schlossberg provides a review of 2017, discusses Invesco’s goals for 2018 and explains how diversity and investment excellence underpin our role as an industry leader.

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Three market concerns move to the fore

Exploring the potential for populism, protectionism and pressure on debtors: Last week brought renewed focus to three areas of concern: populism, protectionism and pressure on debtors. It appears that we may be moving closer to certain outcomes that could be of concern to markets.

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2018 investment outlooks

Working with our investment teams around the world, we provide a range of investment outlooks for the year ahead to help clients achieve their investment objectives – wherever the markets take us.

Our approach to responsible investing and ESG

In this video we discuss Invesco’s commitment to responsible investing, our proprietary proxy voting platform and how we can help clients execute responsible investing strategies within their portfolios.

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Sustainable Factor Investing

In a world increasingly averse to risk and intolerant of inequality, we explore the growing importance and effectiveness of sustainable factor investing.

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Time to check in

Today, many institutional investors are adding hotel real estate to their portfolios to achieve diversification, to help boost income in their multi-asset portfolios and for liability matching requirements given the longer dated income.

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