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Our focus is on helping your organisation achieve its financial objectives

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What we do. And why we do it.

Get more out of life – the Invesco difference.

Each of our clients has their own objectives, wishes and dreams. They all invest not only in investment funds, but in a belief: that life is what you make it. They all want greater choice, pure focus and real independence.

The very same belief is what drives each of us at Invesco and makes us who we are: a company with solid financials, an investment-grade debt rating, a comprehensive range of investment capabilities and a strong global network with over 6,500 dedicated employees – every one of them fully focused on delivering1 what truly matters to our clients: getting more out of life by achieving their objectives and dreams.

Why do our clients trust us

Across the full spectrum of investment categories?

Limiting ourselves and appointing a global CIO? No thanks.

Everybody at Invesco is free to contribute new ideas and approaches. This has often sparked initiatives that benefit our clients: for example with more timely information, better access to our portfolio managers or optimised processes.

For our investment teams, this regard for individual viewpoints means greater freedom to decide what works best for them – and for their clients. Why should we limit your choice by limiting our people? And why would we need a global Chief Investment Officer? Our specialised, dedicated experts have broad experience in a diversity of market cycles. They manage investments across a wide range of asset classes and regions, in which they can apply their strategies – whether they favour a quantitative approach, quality stock picking or index-oriented ETFs.

This diversity of thought gives our clients real freedom to choose – from a comprehensive range of investment styles and products.

Why do our clients trust us?

All around the globe?

Not settling for average? Yes, please.

Let’s be honest: when it comes to investing results matter – whether for income, capital preservation or growth. Why? Because life is what we make it, and strong investment performance4 can help investors live the life they want.

For this reason, our fundamental and factor-based methodologies aim to deliver client outcomes that go beyond the limitations of traditional passive investing and benchmark-centric active management: the objective is to build portfolios in a more precise and impactful way.

Our clients care about results - but this is certainly not all that matters. Having understood this, we share a passion for exceeding investors’ expectations in everything we do. We put this into practice in our day-to-day work with and for our clients. By helping them get ahead, removing uncertainty and providing them with actionable ideas.

This helps our clients achieve their objectives – and get more out of life through everything we deliver.