Diversity in the workplace and its relationship with meritocracy

Whitepaper | 02 July 2018 | Invesco


In our latest paper we explore what diversity really means and how it can positively impact the investment industry.

The notion that diversity can enhance an organisation was in large part conceived just a few miles from Invesco’s base in the UK.

It was at Henley Business School that management theorist Meredith Belbin embarked on his ground-breaking studies of cooperation and collaboration in the workplace, eventually introducing the idea – since repeatedly reinforced by decades of further research worldwide – that the most effective teams are those with a mix of different types of people.

Today, almost 50 years later, this concept remains extremely close to home for us. Invesco is committed to diversity in all areas of its business. In keeping with Belbin’s findings, we believe that teams with a broad array of experiences and backgrounds create and maintain a healthy and constructive work environment.

But what does diversity really mean and how does it function within a business setting?

In this paper, we explore the history of diversity, its supposedly vexed relationship with meritocracy and its capacity to impact positively on organisations and their stakeholders.

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